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Causes of acne - Companion of growing years

Date Added: March 13, 2012 12:30:36 PM
Author: admin
Category: Health


Acne a common skin disorder

Acne is fairly common skin disorder which affects almost 80% of the teenage population. Crucial growing years of any person is often marked by ugly lesions on the skin which refuses to clear. While teenage population is most affected by it, it is also known to occur among newborns and expecting women. Although the exact reason why adolescents are more affected by it while others are not cannot be ascertained but changing hormones are thought to be responsible. Pregnant women are also affected by hormonal fluctuations which can result in acne or some other skin related problems. Acne can occur in various forms such as mild eruptions on the skin also known as black heads and white heads, or cysts. While pimples are the most common type of acne these are also the most prominent kind which can lead to redness and itching. Although pimples can appear on many parts of the body, face and fore heads are most affected by it.  


What causes acne?


To understand it better; acne is a condition of one of the units of the body that is known as the ‘Pilosebaceous Unit’. These units are not present on few parts of the body like the lip surfaces, palms and soles, while found in abundance in other areas, such as chest, upper neck and face. On an average, these units are found all over the body. A substance known as Sebum is released by the sebaceous gland. This sebum is known to be responsible for keeping your hair and skin moisturized. A hormone known as androgen causes the sebaceous glands to produce increased amount of sebum which normally travel out of the hair follicles and spreads onto the nearby skin thus giving it the usual oily appearance. The overproduction of sebum results in clogging of the hair follicle thereby causing little plugs or comedones commonly known as blackheads and whiteheads. This is fairly normal condition which affects almost everyone, and requires no attention; just regular wash to keep the skin clean is enough. Commonly occurring bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes found on the skin can however cause serious damage by infecting the clogged skin pore resulting in red lesions which can be painful at times.


Ways to treat Acne


vAlthough numerous remedies are suggested regarding how to treat acne but none of the treatments can show results until someone make some radical changes in one’s life style and food habits.


vSticking to non greasy fat free diet is recommended which must include lots of fruits and vegetables. Processed sugar and caffeine can aggravate the condition, so should be best avoided.


v Use of chemical based skin care products should be stopped as they are mostly cream based and can clog up the skin pores. Washing the skin a number of times in a day with plain water can remove dirt and oil, helping the skin breathe.


vFinally if none of these steps works then consulting a dermatologist is recommended. 

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